Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm done with snow this year!!!!

This morning before I had the chance to open the shutters/blinds I get an phone call.... It was the automated system from Taysen's school. The message says "due to extreme road conditions, buses will not be picking up children at Traverse Mountain or Suncrest. If you feel you can get your child to school safely, school will still be in session. Children who can not make it will be excused from school today". Um Hellooooo it's April! I open the shutters and sure enough icy roads...ugh. Jared was at work and told me SR 92 was closed. OK.... Let's just remember the last time SR 92 was shut down: Let's just make a long story short (as possible lol) and say Taysen was stuck on his bus for about 6 hours while it was stuck on SR 92. We tried for hours to get to Ridgeline Elementary ....We had to go a really round about way. It was hard because the drifts were so bad we could hardly tell where we were! We finally arrived at his school at 8:00 p.m. I found his teacher and she tells me his bus wasn't back yet... But I didn't even know he was stuck on a bus! I thought he was at the school! His bus finally got back to the school about 9:30 p.m. We let him run around the school and know just kind of get his wiggles out after being couped up for so long. The news crews were at his school and the kids thought it was pretty cool. A lot of kids that night ended up staying the night at the school. We heard Traverse Mountain was shut down so we stayed at our friends parents house in Alpine. Luckily it was only about 5 minutes from Taysen's school! What is with this winter curse this year??!!!!
Anyways...I'm thankful the sun is out now and melting that icky ice. And no snow drifts were involved this time :-)


ashlee said...

oh my I am soooooo DONE with the snow already! ugggh go away!! lol. so, we need to talk. i have zero minutes left on my stinkin phone. call me right at nine tomorrow night k! love ya

ashlee said...

p.s. i need to teach you how to add friends to your blog