Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Picture Tag

Here you go Bec! And its not one of Jares work pics yay!

This is Branston I think 4 days after he was born. I'm so glad all those tubes and IV's are gone!

File 3, picture 9 and tag 5 friends. I tag Allie, Becky C., Becky O., Katie S., and Jenni.


Nikki said...

Such a sweet pic! I've missed you. I need to stop by and see your little babe. Hope you are doing good.

allieb said...

I can't wait to meet this handsome little guy : )

Casey J. said...

I found your blog from Becky's. I hope you don't mind me messaging you here but I lost your email address from Becky's baby shower. If you are still interested in having family photo's taken you can leave a comment on my photography blog or email me @ My blog is
Your family is way cute by the way!

The Tracys said...

Hey You,
I am going to be setting my blog to private by the end of this week. Please send me your email address on my blog so that we can stay in touch! I hope all is well! It was SO good to see you at Target a couple weeks ago :)!
Take Care!!

The Tracys said...

I set my blog to private today and i never got your email address. if you want please send your email address to my email at and i'll send you an invite thanks!!