Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oh Em Gee ... Am I a slacker or what?

Alright... I never get to post as many pics as I'd like but here are some. I plan to do more...who knows when! I love the pic of Jared holding Branners, look at his cute little double chin! He had his 4 month well check the other day. He's in the 50th percentile for weight and in the 90th for height!

A few days after Christmas we went to Thanksgiving point and ate at the Harvest. We didn't know they had the Reindeer there. The kids thought it was pretty cool! After we ate, the waitress brought our check and said "Happy Holidays". Braylee didn't miss a beat, she said "Happy Feet" in the movie. She cracks me up!

Silly phone pics of Branners

Double trouble! Branston & Alli :-) ( I think he has a crush ;-))

A couple of days after Christmas Em & I went boarding. Jared's sister Sherry went skiing, but she's a kick butt skier so she went and did her own thing. It was my first time out this year. Em & I had a blast!!

After boarding we came back to my house and played games with Jen, Em and Jareds fam. Jareds mom is so fun to play games with. We laugh a ton and she has the best laugh! Then Jen & I got a little goofy with Braylee's new toy food. Nothing new lol

an "ear of corn"...and "cone head" ...uh yeah we're easily amused :-)

Every year my aunt and uncle have an awesome Christmas party with all the cousins and everyone. My cute Grandpa wasn't able to come upstairs so we went to his room & took pics with him.

Melyna, here are the pics of our cute little girls from Thanksgiving. Sorry it took me so long!


A said...

cute cute cute! thanks for the pic updates finally!

Karilynn said...

Bray is HUGE!! Branston looks SO MUCH LIKE JARED!! Your hair is SO SHORT!! (Very cute!) and YES!! YOU ARE A SLACKER! ;o) Thanks for the update.... are the reindeer still at Thanksgiving point?

kdemille78 said...

Cute pics, thanks for updating your blog...the plastic food has me puzzled! jk

The Gleave's said...

FINALLY!! ; ) You need to post more often! Your kids are getting SO big!! How the heck did Aunt Anita break her arm?!?!?! Miss ya!

allieb said...

oh your little sweeties are getting so big! I need to see them SOON!!! Kaia wants to meet Branston : )

US said...

Thanks. They are so cute. Hope to see you again soon, but since I'm going to pop soon, we'll probably not be up there for awhile. So if you want to take a trip to Vegas let me know!

Becky O said...

Okay, so we definatley need to get Kylie and Bray together. I love that our kids are all the same age. Branston is so dang cute! And I am jeolous you got up to the slopes. I have not been skiing in forever and I miss it. So are you excited to cook broccoli all day, I am pumped to cook chicken all day!!!

ME said...

He is so dang cute!! I never got a chance to thank you for dinner! It was amazing!