Friday, September 19, 2008

Branston wants to come home!!

Branston must want to come home pretty bad, he's doing awesome! They took him off the ventilator yesterday! He's been doing really well breathing on his own. I called this morning to check on him (we came home yesterday) and they said he's doing great and had a huuuuge poopie diaper! His first one...awweee how cute lol. No but really it's a great thing because it means his intestines are starting to "wake up". The next step would be taking out the Anderson tube, which is the one going into his stomach sucking out the air and stomach secretions. As soon as that starts looking like it's not sucking much out, they'll know his digestive system is really doing it's job and moving along. And then they can start giving him milk! They've also cut back his fentynal (I'm pretty sure I spelled that wrong) so he won't be as sedated. I can't wait to see him today! I'll try to post new pics tonight :-) Thanks for everyones prayers. We couldn't be more happy with his progress....he's an amazing baby!!!


FishinFamily said...

Yay for good news!!

ashlee said...

Holy Cow Leandra that is awesome! You are so blessed and everything is working out so great! You are a strong mommy and have a little fighter who can't wait to be with his family! If you are up to it on Tuesday you should come to a movie at 5 with me and Bec. loves