Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Latest on baby bear

SO.... here I sit in a hospital bed and the U of U hospital. Thank goodness for hubby being here with me and a laptop to keep us occupied!
Today we went to UVRMC to get the amnio to see if baby bears lungs are ready for him to enter this world. As we waited for the results we got another non-stress test. His heart rate kept dipping and it concerned them so they kept us there quite a while. After being there almost 3 hrs we find out the amnio shows his lungs aren't quite ready and they are worried the omphalocele is putting pressure on the umbilical cord causing his heart rate to drop. So they sent us here to the U of U so they can watch his heart rate and I'm getting a shot of steroids to help his lungs develop. For now I'm not sure when he'll be coming. His heart rate seems to be doing better now. I'll give an update if possible as soon as we know more!

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