Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Yay we're home!.... for now :-)

At the hospital tonight they monitored baby's heart rate from about 6pm to 9pm. I got a fun shot of steroids in the bum (ouchie!) and a lovely "pelvic exam" to make sure I wasn't going in to labor because I was having some contractions. But hey all is good now! Tomorrow I need to go to my OB and get another one of the lovely steroid shots and also schedule the c-section for next week. They said I do NOT have to get another amnio (thank goodness, those needles are huge!)so I guess he'll for sure be here next week! I think he knew I didn't have the rooms switched yet (I'm moving him into Braylee's room and moving her to another room)and he was like "um no mom, I'm not coming into this world with out my room ready". Hmmm... I better get on that this week! :-)


The Gleave's said...

YAY! Im so glad everything is okay! Too bad his lungs weren't ready! That's what happened to Saylor but its amazing how fast their little lungs can mature! You guys are in our prayers and keep us updated! Love ya!

Karen, Mackay & Easton said...

hey you...i talked to jared's mom last night (at least i think that is who it was) ANYWAY i am glad that things are going ok! Where are you going to move Bray?

Ryan & Becky said...

That's awesome your looking to the positive. One more week to get things done. I think you need some time alone. If you want to get out for a night or day of fun just call. Hang in there. I love ya.